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Do you have a judgment that you have been unable to collect?

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You went to court, presented your case and the judge sided with you. Now you have a judgment.

Your California judgment entitles you to collect through various legal means. The court does not collect the judgment for you and the court cannot recommend a method of collection for you, as the court does not provide legal advice.

You must decide which avenue of collection you will pursue. You can prepare and file the appropriate court forms. It is also your responsibility to obtain addresses or other information you may need as you pursue collection. The court will provide you with the forms. And that is all they will provide.

You may and most likely will be required to pay additional court fees and/or costs in pursuing your judgment through collection, which may include the need to file additional lawsuits in order to enforce your judgment.

Is it any wonder why most judgments go uncollected?

Of course you could pay an attorney to attempt to enforce your judgment. Then if they are unable to collect, you still have to pay the attorney for their time and expenses.

But you have the right to assign your judgment to another party to collect. That is where Pacific Judgment Enforcement comes in.

We specialize in judgment collection. Collecting civil judgments in California whether they are small claims or superior court. We also handle divorce equalization judgments. We take care of all paperwork, court filings, and court appearances. We pay all the expenses upfront involved in the enforcement of the judgment. We have special access to private and public databases that enables us to skip-trace your debtor, even if he or she may be hiding. And judgment collection is all we do. No other side businesses.

Once located, we then have a number of legal ways here in California to satisfy the judgment including:

◊ Locating the debtor's employer and garnishing their wages.
◊ Garnishing the wages of the debtor's spouse.
◊ Seizing their vehicles and have them auctioned off by the sheriff.
◊ Locating bank and brokerage accounts and seizing the funds.
◊ Locating and foreclosing on real estate owned by the debtor.
◊ Subpoena records from family, friends, and business associates to discover hidden assets.
◊ Place liens on business and personal property of the debtor.

And you will never have to have any contact with the debtor.

We pay to you a simple percentage of the money we collect. If we are unable to collect anything, you owe us nothing. What do you have to lose?

If you have a California judgment that you would like to collect of $2500 or more, and would like Pacific Judgment Enforcement to review your judgment at no charge to you, please submit your judgment information on the online form or contact Pacific Judgment directly by email.

Your judgment is only worth the paper it's printed on, unless you collect the money.

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